jeudi 13 décembre 2012

Animateka 2012

I just come back from Ljubjana, Slovenia, ANIMATEKA Festival where my film was selected ! I had a wonderful time meeting a lot of nice people from all around the world ! (that's why I decided to write in english now !) Warm talks and beautiful snowy landscapes delighted me, and, in this friendly envirronment, I had the chance to approach three adorable animation masters : Joanna Quinn, Michaela Pavlatova and Caroline Leaf !  
Thank you Igor !

Here are some sketches and photos !

 So nice and talented Joanna Quinn did portraits of us ! What an honor !
 Michaela Pavlatova with me ! And an original drawing from one of her films !
It was absolutely incredible to meet Michaela Pavlatova there and to discover such a modest, accessible, and NICE person ! It meant a lot particularly to me because my film is obviously inspired by her work (if you've never seen Reci, reci, reci / Words words words, watch it quick ! )

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Mehdi Shiri a dit…

your works are amazing ;)